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July 23, 2011

More Facts On Vicodin Abuse

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Vicodin Abuse

More Facts On Vicodin Abuse

Vicodin is a prescription drug which is mainly composed of two active pain relievers namely acetaminophen and hydrocodone. Acetaminophen is mostly sold under the brand name Tylenol. Hydrocodone is simply codeine in synthetic form. Vicodin is mostly prescribed to different patients suffering from various medical conditions.

This pain killer has effects like those of opium which is used in the manufacturing of heroine. Vicodin has the effects of a narcotic in the blood and is widely abused in the US and in many other countries. The main culprit for abuse is that it is readily available in pharmacies and is very accessible financially in contrast to other narcotics that may be abused. Because of its effects on the body, most pharmacists only administer it to individuals with a medical prescription from a doctor.

Those who have found themselves in the grips of addiction to Vicodin have been known to forge a doctor’s prescription. Because of its great negative impacts on the physical and emotional health of a person, you should seek adequate information from a qualified medical practitioner before you start taking this medication.  If there is an alternative medication, it should be prescribed first. In essence, vicodin should only be prescribed where other medications have either failed to work or have not produced the desired results.

If you experience out of the ordinary symptoms such as: insomnia, anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, physical lethargy or any other symptom when taking this medication, then you are most probably suffering from its addiction. In most cases, vicodin is recommended for the first time by a doctor to a patient for the purpose of relief of serious pain. This drug is very effective because it is rapidly absorbed by the intestinal tract and stomach after oral administration. It then brings quick relief from pain.

After continuous intake of this drug for more than two weeks, addiction symptoms may begin creeping in.  Vicodin will eventually hinder the normal chemistry of your brain and prevent it from producing endorphins.  From there, you will be forced to take increasing dosages of the drug so as to feel the same effects.  Taking higher dosages in order to get the same effect from any medication is referred to as drug tolerance which may lead to dependency, a very serious condition with this sort of drug. It can get as severe in some cases where to stop taking the drug could end up lethal, so extreme caution must be exercised.

With time, the normal vicodin dosage may not be able to produce the desired effects and the user will now turn to taking stronger dosages in order to feel the same effects. Abuse of vicodin is in most cases involuntary; most people do it as a result of addiction below their level of awareness in most cases, or out of a fear of the withdrawal symptoms they have started to notice upon awakening or when there are temporarily lower levels of Vicodin in their body.

If an addicted person stops taking the Vicodin suddenly, then withdrawal symptoms will be experienced. The symptoms of withdrawal are as serious as the effect of the initial disease or condition in which the medication was taken in the first place. To avoid these complications, Vicodin addicted persons should be accorded professional medical assistance and treatment immediately once even a hint of an addiction may be detected. Rehabilitation involves detoxification as well as treatment for the pain using alternative safe medications.

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