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Vicodin Abuse Side Effects

Vicodin Abuse

Vicodin Abuse Side Effects

Vicodin is a prescription drug which is used for the relief of pain. Its two main active components are hydrocodone and acetaminophen. It is available in several generic and brand names in the market. Its major generic names are acetaminophen and hydrocodone. It is widely prescribed because of its quick absorption which brings quick relief from pain and its mode of action at the Central Nervous System.

This medication is highly effective when administered for the first time and its effects will be felt immediately. At this stage the user will get relief after taking the recommended dosage. With time, this state of affairs will change and the body of the user will become used to the effects and mode of action of Vicodin.  The usual dosage will not be able to produce the required relief.  To get relief, the patient will be required to exceed the stated dosage.

Overdosing on any medication has dire consequences and effects on the health of the user and this is the case with the use of Vicodin. The increasing dosages will eventually injure the health of the user; consequently the patient will not be able to stop because of a formed addiction and the avoidance of withdrawal symptoms. Some symptoms of over dosage of Vicodin include:

  • cold and clammy skin
  • bodily discomfort
  • liver failure
  • slow or difficulty in breathing
  • blood disorders
  • bluish tinge on the skin
  • kidney problems
  • heart problems
  • low blood pressure
  • extreme sleepiness
  • heavy perspiration
  • limp muscles
  • slow heartbeat

Vicodin AbuseTo minimize these effects of withdrawal, persons who are already addicted should seek the services of a professional rehabilitation center. At the rehab center the addicted person will be subjected to a bodily detoxification program. This will help get rid of the toxins in the body organs and tissues and thus return the normal chemistry of the brain.

The side effects of vicodin abuse are serious and may even lead to death. Some addicted persons take as much as 20 times the usual dosage in order to feel any effects from the medication. It may even come to a point when the high dosage of Vicodin does not work or bring about any effect. In this instance the patient will be required to resort to taking stronger pain killers. This will cause serious drug dependency and further health complications. The patient will be forced to take higher dosages than advised by their doctor and thus causing more injury to their health.

If the patient attempts to stop using the medication or actually stops taking it, the pain and the withdrawal symptoms will be too great. The withdrawal symptoms set in within 6 hours after the missed dosage and they may go on for as long as a month and then start eventually regressing. Very few people can withstand withdrawal symptoms because they are multiple and they are severe. It is estimated that here are about two million people in the United States who are addicted to Vicodin. This number may increase based on the increasing trends of Vicodin use and abuse in the past.