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What Are Vicodins?

Vicodin Abuse

What Are Vicodins?

Vicodin are pain killers which are prescribed for the treatment and relief of pain from various conditions and ailments. These pain killers are also narcotics. After their intake for a continuous period of between two weeks and two months, the body will become addicted to the effects of the drug. Persons who have taken Vicodin for a continuous period of time will show withdrawal symptoms (a side effect associated with the use of and abuse of narcotics and drugs). Because of this fact, necessary precautions should be observed when taking Vicodins to ensure that the body does not get used to its effects. Where possible, alternative medications should be prescribed to alleviate pain; Vicodins should only be prescribed and taken where there is no alternative.

The chemical composition of Vicodin is hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Hydrocodone is a well known pain reliever.  The acetaminophen is a lesser potent pain reliever which increases the effects and action of hydrocodone in the body. Examples of Vicodins in the market include Anexsia, Zydone, Maxidone, Hycet, Dolorex, Stagesic, Lortab, Vicodi, Zolvit, Liquicet, Zamicet, Xodol, ForteCo-Gesic, Lorcet, Polygesic and Norco. These are just some of the names because Vicodins are available in various brand names. Some generic medicines may also contain Vicodin or some of its components. You should ask your doctor, pharmacist or any other prescriber whether any pain killer contains any of the components of Vicodin before taking it.

Vicodin is prescribed for the purpose of relieving pain.  It may also be prescribed in some other medical pain conditions depending on the health condition of an individual. Vicodins have serious side effects even when taken as required. In any case and whenever a doctor has prescribed Vicodins, you should take them only as advised. Over dosage and under dosage are dangerous and may lead to death.  The following are some of the symptoms of over dosage of Vicodins.

Symptoms of Vicodin over dosage:

  • slow heartbeat
  • liver failure
  • kidney problems
  • heart problems
  • cold and clammy skin
  • blood disorders
  • bluish tinge on the skin
  • extreme sleepiness
  • bodily discomfort
  • heavy perspiration
  • limp muscles
  • low blood pressure
  • slow or difficult in  breathing

Vicodin AbuseVicodin is a narcotic and it as such leads to physical dependence after repeated and continuous use. Physical dependence is however not an indication or symptom of abuse because it is the body’s response to continuous use of narcotics and it is therefore predictable.  The body will become used to all or most of the physical changes which are caused by Vicodin. Persons with vicodin physical dependence will experience and show withdrawal symptoms once they stop using the drug.

The withdrawal symptoms which develop after stopping the intake of vicodins do not necessarily signify abuse especially if the use of the Vicodins was legitimate and necessary for the purpose of alleviating pain. Abuse of Vicodin refers to the taking of these medications for recreational purposes and for the effect rather than for the purpose of treating medical condition or other problem. Whether the initial use of Vicodin was legitimate or not, the addicted person should be accorded proper medical detoxification through rehabilitation treatment.